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July 19, 2016

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L2E L2E: Light Speed Engineering to EFIS adapter  $99.00
The L2E converts the Plasma CDI outputs to a 5V level so that they can be displayed and recorded on most EFIS systems. 
Now you can display and record the precise timing advance of one or both Plasma CDI systems as well as calibrated MAP and RPM with high resolution.  This does not effect the standard tachometer pulse output on all Plasma CDI systems.  

Click L2E by Flight Data Systems is available from LSE, simply click "All New" above to purchase.


PLASMA CDI Accessories

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Light Speed Engineering is now offering a rev limiter for the popular Plasma III Ignition systems.  The Rev Limit occurs at 2975 - 3000 RPM and the ignition resumes normal operation when the RPM drops below 2700 - 2750 RPM.  The tach signal is continued during the ignition cut-out so that RPM history can be evaluated on data recording systems.
This is a great feature for those using a constant speed propeller that does not have counterweights to keep the engine from over-speeding in case of a momentary loss of oil pressure to the prop or any other governor failure.
The circuitry can be ordered with the Plasma III as an optional feature or it can be retrofitted to existing Plasma III ignition systems at Light Speed Engineering.


A.D1 PRE-WIRED SIMPSON LCD DISPLAY AND ROTARY SWITCH- for use with a single PLASMA CD system  $275.00
A.D2 PRE-WIRED SIMPSON LCD DISPLAY AND ROTARY SWITCH- for use with a dual PLASMA CD system.  Also includes pre-wired dual ignition indicator lights, Red LEDs. $325.00

The Simpson digital panel meter, available through Light Speed Engineering, is a high quality LCD display pre-wired with a rotary switch that allows you to select between the 3 outputs of the Plasma system: RPM, Manifold Pressure, and Timing Advance.  (PN: A.D1)
If you are using a Dual Plasma Ignition system, the rotary switch will have 4 positions with the following readouts: RPM, Manifold Pressure, Timing Advance for system 1, and Timing Advance for system 2.  (PN: A.D2)

The Plasma CD systems do not require the display in order to function; it can be added anytime.  Among the benefits of the digital display is the responsive RPM indication, which will display accurately down to 1 rpm resolution.  Moreover, the display may prove useful for troubleshooting any engine issues.

Another option for Dual Plasma installations is to have two single displays, one powered by each Plasma system.  This provides RPM, MAP, and timing advance information independently for each system and allows both systems to be monitored simultaneously.

When ordering a display, please specify the following:
1. The desired cable length from your Plasma CD box location to the display mounting location.  
2. Whether you intend to use a standard aircraft key switch to turn your ignition system on and off.  (i.e. Key switch or toggle switch.)  If so, the length from the Plasma CD box location to the key switch location.
3. If you are ordering the display for a dual ignition system, also specify the length between the output connectors on the 2 Plasma CD boxes.

An alternative installation may be to use three displays, one for each function.  Call for pricing.

Display specs:  
Requires a panel cutout of 2.68" (68mm) wide by 0.88" (22mm) high, and a panel area of 2.84" (72mm) wide by 0.945" (24mm) high.  The depth behind the panel is 0.7" (17.8mm).  The front bezel protrudes 0.158" (4mm) from the front of the mounting surface.  The display will snap into panels / mounting brackets from 0.050" to 0.125" thick.

The display is for use with the Plasma II+ and Plasma III ignition systems.  Plasma I systems have an output for timing advance only so no selector switch is needed.


A.S1 Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) Sealed Toggle Switch, MS24523 $29.00


Three Position Ignition / Start Switch: 
ON for start, center position ON, down position OFF






High Tension Leads 
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P.HT1 Specify your desired lead length from terminal to terminal (center of the boot to center of the boot).  Leads will be made to your length with terminals and boots installed. Pricing listed is per lead.  

5" - 23"


23.1" - 35"


35.1" - 47"


47.1" -59"



High Tension Leads Components
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7.31 Black wire spacers (pictured above) $1.25
7.32 Spark plug wire heavy duty crimping ratchet  $98.00


Other Parts
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8.0 Ignition coil, dual output, 5 oz., each  $98.00
8.01 Ignition coil mounting bracket with bolts  $15.00







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