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Berkut with LSE Propeller



Light Speed Engineering, LLC propellers are made from multi-laminate wood cores with a structural impact resistant carbon/glass/epoxy laminate applied on both sides. The finish is epoxy/micro and finally black or white gel coat.

Custom paint schemes are available by request for additional charge.




Torque your propeller bolts to 24 ft/lb, and check them subsequently at least every 25 hrs.


Any tightening beyond 24 ft/lb can crush the wood which results in a warped surface and consequently an out of track propeller. This surface is also the reference plane for the blade positions, so if it is damaged it is difficult to reestablish.

Since the applicable torque is limited by the compressive strength of the wood, no more than 3/8 inch diameter bolts are necessary.   Smaller bolts have several advantages,  as they are lighter and most of all they stretch more for a given tension, thus adjust better when the wood moves a little due to moisture and temperature changes.

Composite propellers made at LSE are far more tolerant to rocks, rain and other foreign objects you may inadvertently send through it than any un-reinforced wood propellers. To ensure safe operation and minimum wear, LSE highly recommends the use of some sort of fender on all wheels used in front of your propeller.   Static run ups should also be avoided.

Rain can also damage the leading edge.   However, if you reduce RPM to below 2400, even heavy rain will cause only minor erosion.

LSE PROPELLERLSE propellers are sealed with epoxy throughout;   however you may want to apply a wood sealer if you remove the prop after use.

Should your propeller need refinishing, you can try to fill minor chips yourself with gel coat.  LSE refinishes propellers with a precise procedure that includes removal of the existing gel coat, re-spraying, sanding to contour, sealing the hub, and balancing.

With proper care your propeller should give many years and several thousand hours of exceptional service.


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