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last update:
April 03, 2014


The following components are supplied with any ignition system purchase.


Dual output ignition coil pack with mounting bracket.  2 coils / 4-cyl single system, 3 coils / 6-cyl single system.
Spark plug wire / High tension leads, Plasma Ignition Pre-terminated high tension leads with wire spacer. 4 wires / 4-cyl. single and 6 wires / 6-cyl single system.
Primary ignition wire with installed BNC connector.  Supplied with necessary spade connectors.  2 / 4-cyl single and 3 / 6-cyl single.
Spark plugs: 14mm spark plugs for engines using 1/2" reach spark plugs and 12mm for engines using 3/4" reach spark plugs.
Aluminum bronze spark plug adaptors with copper gaskets.  Available for aircraft engines with 1/2" reach spark plug holes and also for those with 3/4" reach spark plug holes.
Output connector wiring kit.  This includes an output connector with shell, wire, and heat shrink.  Can be used if you would like to wire the optional output features. 
Tygon tubing.  Used to connect MP to the Plasma CD ignition box.
Parts specific to the Direct Crank Sensor Assembly:
Machined aluminum mag hole cover
Circuit board on mounting bracket with pre-wired harness- sensor wire and power wire. (Pictured here with 320-360-540 mounting bracket, spacers, and screws.) 
Trigger magnets for Lycoming flywheel and Drill Bit.
Continental O-200 Direct Crank Sensor components:  Crank sensor circuit board mounting bracket and trigger magnet bracket.
Continental 6-cyl Direct Crank Sensor components:  Crank sensor circuit board mounting bracket, trigger magnet plate, and counter weight.
Parts Specific to the Hall Effect Sensor Module:
Hall Effect Sensor module and gasket.
Wiring harness with sensor wire and power wire.






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