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August 07, 2013

LSE Gear Leg Fairings


These slip on gear-leg fairings are a molded copy of Light Speed Engineering's high performance Vari-EZE that uses a Long-EZ gear strut.  A low drag airfoil was selected with a particularly large range of angle of attack. 


- Easy installation upside-down or while the airplane is on its gear 
- No special fixturing required
- Low drag airfoil
- Slip on telescoping design
- An antenna can fit in the trailing edge of the glass fairings


To position the fairings for installation, simply slip the main portion onto the gear leg and align the leading and trailing edge with the longerons.  You will have to trim part of the existing fillet to conform to your fuselage shape.  Do not attach the gear leg fairings to the fuselage.  The fillet should slide up and down on the fuselage during flexing of the gear. (hard landings) Once the upper contact area is established, sand 1-1˝” on the inside of the fairings’ trailing edge and the top and bottom of the gear strut at its thickest point.  Apply a small amount of micro to the upper fairings’ sanded surfaces and carefully slip them onto the strut without wiping most of the micro off.  At this point, do not use any micro on the lower two inches of the upper fairings.  This makes installing the lower fairing easier.

Use heavy-duty clothespins to clip the trailing edge of the fairing together during cure. (Don’t fly with the pins… they might go through your prop.)  If you feel more attachment to the strut is necessary, you might inject small amounts of micro or urethane pour foam through small holes in the fairing.  Once this is cured and your LSE wheel pants are installed, you can slide on the lower part again trimming its fillet to the wheel pant.  When a good fit is achieved, the required length of the upper fairing is obvious.  Trim the upper fairing to accept the joggle of the lower fairing.  Attach the lower fairing using the same method.

Gear Fairings, Carbon  $695
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