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January 25, 2016

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The benefits of installing a dual electronic ignition system are numerous.  Pilots frequently asked questions regarding the benefits and specifications of dual PLASMA CDI are outlined below. 

-An additional 5% gain in fuel efficiency. 
When running at sea level and 2,500 rpm, a single PLASMA CDI will yield approximately 10% gain in fuel efficiency.   A dual PLASMA CDI system will generate approximately 15% gain in fuel efficiency when run at the same settings.  As altitude increases, fuel burn decreases and the benefits of installing a dual ignition system become more and more significant.

-An additional 2% gain in horsepower.
When running at sea level and 2,500 rpm, a single PLASMA CDI will generally produce 4% more horsepower than a mag.  A dual PLASMA CDI installation will produce approximately 6% more horsepower compared to two magnetos.

-Is a back-up battery necessary?
If you are using a battery to start your engine, you have sufficient energy to run an ignition system for several hours after an alternator failure.  Therefore, a back-up battery is not required when running a dual electronic ignition system.  Once the system is running, less than 5V are required to maintain operation, giving a further safety cushion.  At this low power level, most other electrical equipment will have long stopped functioning giving the pilot adequate warning.  

If you wish to install a back-up battery for your ignition system, refer to the manual aux power supply drawing.  It shows a well thought-out concept of an electrical back-up system.  Should an electrical failure occur, your ignition systems will continue to run until the supply voltage drops below 5V, well past the point of all other electrical instruments.  At this point the ignition systems will stop operating and the pilot can turn on the designated back-up battery.  Using the prescribed wiring, only one ignition system will receive power from the aux battery to maximize your "electrical range".  All electrical systems must have over-voltage protection. 

-Increased engine smoothness.
When a second ignition system is installed, engine smoothness is noticeably improved.

Plasma II Plus    
Dual Plasma II Plus 4 cyl- DC Mini Sensor  $2,575  
Dual Plasma II Plus 4 cyl- Hall Effect Module


Plasma III   
Dual Plasma III 4 cyl- DC Mini Sensor  $3,015  
Dual Plasma III 4 cyl- Hall Effect Module


Dual Plasma III 6 cyl- DC Mini Sensor $3,295  

Spark plugs and bushings included. Prices and

specifications subject to change without notice.

CA residents add 7.50% sales tax. Shipping not

included. Visa & MasterCard accepted.

Custom timing curve on all Turbo and Super-Charged ignition systems, add $125 per ignition system.
Laser cut mounting bracket, magnet holder and counter-weight on Continental engine ignition systems, add $195 per engine installation.


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