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August 07, 2013

LSE Spinner Dome. Click to enlarge.
LSE Spinner Dome



Light Speed Engineering's composite spinner features a shape specifically designed for optimized airflow in the hub area of pusher airplanes.  A similarly shaped spinner has since been used on the Beech Starship and the Piaggio Avanti.

Minimize weight where it hurts most!  On average, spinners weigh only 8 oz. when painted.  Quite an improvement over the typical 2.5 lbs. aluminum spinner.

Up to 1% increase in speed has been measured over the common AC-1 tractor shape spinner with the same flow guide (forward fairing).  Additionally, the composite structure will not fatigue as aluminum does.  This spinner fits the 10.125" bulkhead and flow guide made by Aircraft Spruce.

Gary Hertzler's spinner installation.
One of the most perfect spinner and flow guide installations on Gary Hertzler's record-setting airplane.


The 10 inch pusher spinner built at LSE and sold here and through Aircraft Spruce was designed in 1985 and about 400 have been built.  They are made of carbon and glass with a reinforced attachment area.  After cutouts are made for the propeller blades, these openings should be reinforced with 3 layers of glass or carbon if available.  A second, rear bulkhead is rarely used and not necessary if the spinner is tracking well. The flange of the large bulkhead points to the engine and 8 number eight screws mount the spinner to the bulkhead using nutplates.  Number 10 fasteners may also be used.  The forward fairing (flow guide) must be installed to capture the spinner between it and the bulkhead.  

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AC-1 Pusher Spinner Dome: unpainted $290
Pusher Flow Guide: unpainted
The flow guide requires at least an 8" prop extension.
Currently Unavailable

Prices and specifications subject to 
change without notice. CA residents 
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This spinner bulkhead is billet machined from a solid plate of aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum.  It is drilled for SAE 1 and SAE 2 bolt patterns.  
Grey Anodize finish. 
10.125" Diameter.

Since this bulkhead is turned on a CNC lathe, it is perfectly round and has no built in stresses.  It is much stronger and has significantly better fatigue life than the common bulkheads made by spinning.

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Premium Spinner Bulkhead           $265
Prices and specifications subject to 
change without notice. CA residents 
add 7.50% sales tax. Shipping not
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